The SUNTEC AS oil pump has a built in solenoid valve which controls the regulator cut-off valve giving fast cut-off and cut-on function independent of the rotational speed.

Compatibility :

The gear set draws oil from the tank through the built-in filter and transfers it to the valve that regulates the oil pressure to the nozzle line. All oil that does not go through the nozzle line will be dumped through the valve back to the return line in two pipe installation or, if it is a one-pipe installation, back to suction port in the gear set. In that case, the by-pass plug must be removed from the return port, and the return port sealed by steel plug and washer.
The solenoid valve of the AS pump is of the “normally opened” type.
When the solenoid valve is non-activated, the by-pass channel between the pressure and return sides of the valve is open. No pressure will then be built up to open the valve; it does not matter which speed the gear set has.
When the solenoid is activated, this by-pass channel is closed and because of the full speed of the gear set, the pressure necessary to open the valve will be built up very rapidly, which gives a very sharp cut-on function.
When the burner stops, the solenoid opens the by-pass at the same moment, which drains all the oil down to the return, and the nozzle valve closes immediately. This gives a very sharp cut-off function.
The cut-on and cut-off can be actuated regardless of motor speed and have an extremely fast response.
When the solenoid is not activated, the torque requirement is low up to full motor speed.
Bleeding in two pipe operation is automatic, but it may be accelerated by opening a pressure port.
In one pipe operation, a pressure port must be opened to bleed the system.