General presentation

SUNTEC designs, manufactures and markets an unrivalled range of gear pumps and accessories.

Partner of the largest heating system manufacturers (domestic burners, industrial boilers, mobile heating units and heating systems for vehicles), SUNTEC also offers technical solutions for all applications using a gear pump (high pressure cleaners, exhaust gas treatment, hydraulic systems,…)

Thanks to its two production sites, one in the United States in Kentucky, the other in Europe, in France, in the heart of Burgundy, SUNTEC has an extensive network of customers and distributors.

The quality, reliability and performance of its products have always enabled SUNTEC to offer innovative and pioneering products on the market.


In accordance with the law of September 5, 2018 for the freedom to choose one's professional future aimed at eliminating pay gaps between women and men, SUNTEC INDUSTRIES FRANCE publishes its Index on professional equality between women and men for the year 2024 under the 2023 data. The global index is 88/100, broken down by indicators as follows:
Pay gap: 35/40
Difference in the rate of individual increases: 35/35
Return from maternity leave: not calculable
High pay: 5/10
Suntec 2024


SUNTEC achieves Oliver Wight's "Class A Milestone Award for Integrated Business Planning" certification.
Suntec 2018


Launch of a new service pump range AUV -ATUV.
Suntec 2018


New corporate identity for SUNTEC group : new logo and web site.
Suntec 2018


SUNTEC presents its new patented gear to offer even more energy efficient pumps to its customers, a major step towards ErP directive to which are submitted the manufacturers of heating systems.
Suntec 2016


Start of diversification of SUNTEC products towards the gas valves.
Suntec 2015


Launch of pumps dedicated to the use of B20 in the United States.
Suntec 2014


SUNTEC Industries France validates the ISO 14001 certification (environmental management).
Suntec 2012


New logo for SUNTEC Industries France.
Suntec 2010


Development of a new range of solenoid valves.
Suntec 2009


Creation of the modulating pump, designed to reduce the electrical consumption and improve the efficiency of the burner by reducing « on/off » energy-consuming cycles.
Suntec 2008


SUNTEC pump range is complemented by new models specific for bio-fuels.
Suntec 2006


The development of the lower capacity « 30 » gear allows the marketing of AS and AL pumps with reduced energy consumption.
Suntec 2001


The AU service pump is launched on the replacement market.
Suntec 1998


SUNTEC acquires the “oil pump activity” from Eckerle, to reinforce its position on the German market.
Suntec 1994


SUNTEC Industries France obtains its first ISO 9001 certification.
Suntec 1993


Two new pumps are introduced on the market : the ALE with pressure relief device and the A2L, a two-step pump.
Suntec 1993


Launch of a new two-step pump AT.
Suntec 1986


SUNTEC was founded by the takeover of the Hydraulic Division of the Sundstrand Corporation Group.
SUNTEC provides the continuity of all the know-how inherited from this Division which, since 1934, produced gear pumps for oil burners.
Suntec 1984