The SUNTEC combined gas valves M2N and M3N are design to be adapted on every type of 1-stage gas burner. Made up of 2 class A+A solenoid valves, they allied safety and reliability in every configuration.

Compatibility :

The combined gas valves M2N / M3N are available in several version to match every gas burner needs, especially the slow opening which be fully compatible with the requirements of the EN 676 standard (forced draught burner with gas).
M2N and M3N models are CE certified according to EN 161 / EN 126.


At rest, the 2 solenoid valves are closed: the gas is blocked upstream the gas valve. When the 2 coils are energized, the 2 solenoid valves are opening and let the gas go through the combined gas valve.

Product benefits :

  • Aluminium body high quality
  • Customable configuration function of your installation: Rp ¾ or Rp ½ flanges, inlet/outlet pressure plug, gas pressure switch…
  • Fast close of less than 0,2 seconds when electrical supply is turning off
  • Compatibility with all gas types: H2 blend (1st family), natural gas (2nd family), LPG (3rd family)
  • Slow opening of EV2 with hydraulic damper (optional) for even more safety
  • Compact and interchangeable models as compared with models of market
  • Wide operation curve. Important gas flow allowed with high pressure difference

Technical specifications :

Max. operating pressure360 mbar160 mbar
Gas flow at Δp = 100 mbar30 Nm3/h45 Nm3/h
Ambient T° range-20°C to +60°C
Weight • M2N**F / M3N**F : 2.3 kg
• M2N**S / M3N**S : 2.5 kg
CE certificate number CE n°1312CU6361
Inlet/Outlet flanges • DN15 (Rp 1/2”)
• DN20 (Rp 3/4”)
Pressure switch (optional)Inlet, Outlet or side mounted


Sealing classA+A classB+B class
Opening time (EN 161) • M2N**F : < 0.5s
• M2N**S : 1s < t < 30s
Closing time (EN 161) • M2N**F : < 0.2s
• M2N**S : < 0.2s
Lifetime (EN 161)200 000 cycles
Electrical supply 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Electrical consumption34 VA
Ingress protection IP54 (with adapted connector) according to EN 60529 standard