The AM pump is designed for modulating light-oil burners and condensing boilers. This new pump with its compact design offers a continuous power range , independently of motor speed and oil temperature.

Compatibility :

The gear set draws oil from the tank through the pump filter and transfers it to an electromagnetic piston pump. The oil which is not used is sent back to the return via a pressure regulator which controls the minimum pressure.
When energized by the coil of the modulating solenoid, the plunger of the piston pump creates a reciprocating movement which increases the pressure of the oil. The output pressure of the oil linearly depends on the supply voltage of the coil.
An integrated pulsation damper stabilizes the outlet pressure.
A pressure sensor port, located after the cut-off solenoid valve, allows the control of the piston pump coil.
Bleed and suction
Bleeding of the AM pump is automatic in two-pipe operation.
In one-pipe operation, as for a standard gear pump, the plug of a pressure gauge port must be loosened until the air is evacuated from the system.
The suction capacity of the AM pump is identical to a standard SUNTEC gear pump.