The SUNTEC E oil pump is specially designed for heavy oil applications: it is fitted with a special shaft seal type resisting high temperature and with a preheater location to ease cold starting.

Compatibility :

The gear set draws oil from the tank through the built-in filter and transfers it to the valve that regulates the oil pressure to the nozzle line. All oil that does not go through the nozzle line will be by-passed through the valve back to the return line in two pipe installation or, if it is a one-pipe installation, back to the suction port in the gear-set. In that case, the by-pass plug must be removed from the return port and the return port sealed by steel plug and washer.

Bleed :
During the starting period, air is purged through the nozzle line : the by-pass hole of the nozzle plug allows air to pass to the nozzle line without opening of the regulator valve.
For the first start up, bleeding can be accelerated by loosening the plug in the pressure gauge port.

Note :
Models 1069 have no cut-off function. Cut-off must be provided by an external solenoid valve.