Compact pressure switch F

The SUNTEC pressure switches Versa pro F are design to operate with appliances where the fluid pressure (gas or air) has to be supervised. The pressure value is settable through the position of the setting wheel (from 0,7 to 150 mbar depending on the model).

Compatibility :

F pressure switch line is suitable for all type of low-pressure application with gas (FSG and FCG) or air (FCA). CE certification according to the EN 1854 standard.


The DMG is switching the electrical state from open to close (or inverse) when the pressure of the fluid is different from the value set on the setting wheel. Shall be connected to a burner management system or a controller.

Product benefits:

  • High quality die cast aluminium base
  • Compact and sturdy pressure switch
  • Durable plastic cover and setting wheel
  • Fluid connection in the centre or the side of the base
  • Compatibility with all gas types: H2 blend (1st family), natural gas (2nd family), LPG (3rd family) or air
  • High accuracy of the gas pressure setting
  • Compact and interchangeable models as compared with models of the market
  • Waterproof pressure switch

Technical specifications :

Max. operating pressure690 mbar
Maximum Surge Pressure1 bar
Shut off voltageAC < 250 V
DC from 24 to 48V
Nominal currentAC eff max 6 A
Electrical Connection3-pin connector (1 NO contact and 1 NC contact) for line sockets
CertificationCE n°0085BR0021
TemperatureAmbient: – 15°C to 60°C
Storage: – 30°C to 80°C
Fluid connection1/4-19 BSP Thread
Weight0,11 kg
Pressure range FSG/FCG/FCA 003: 0,7 – 3,0 mbar
FSG/FCG/FCA 010: 2,0 – 10,0 mbar
FSG/FCG/FCA 050: 2,5 – 50,0 mbar
FSG/FCG/FCA 150: 5,0 – 150,0 mbar
Pressure accuracy

0,7 mbar