Suntec has got years of experience with kerosene, don't hesitate to contact us !


Kerosene fuel has different properties compared to gasoil :

  • much lower viscosity, meaning that the internal leakages between the moving parts of the pump are increased giving a reduction in available nozzle flow capacity.
  • lower lubricity of the pump inner parts.

Due to these properties, kerosene use requires precautions in the selection and use of burner pumps.
There are many qualities of kerosene in the different world markets which give varying effects on pump life (kerosene is a low lubricity fuel).
Suntec has got years of experience with kerosene and has developped a wide range of pumps for these applications.
All these pumps can be used at 2850 or 3600 rpm.
Do not exceed the maximum recommended pressure,
Ask us for pump capacity curves (for viscosity : 1,8 cSt).


To fulfill the market requirements Suntec has developped a special range of models issuing from standard
AN, AE, AS, AL, AP2, AT2
types with high precision gears.
These models are available with gear capacity sizes : 35,45,47,55,57.
These models are identified with their own reference number,
ie : pump reference AS 47 CK 1554 6P 0500 is a special kerosene model.
The maximum recommended pressure for these models is :
15 bars.

E Revision 6

When introducing the new Rota Roll gear in 2000, Suntec has taken into account the kerosene properties so that the standard version of E pumps is now suitable for both light oil and kerosene applications.
So for kerosene applications we recommend the use of E4 and E6 new Revision 6 pumps with maximum pressure : 15 bars; these models are much more adapted than J models.

High capacity pumps

TA and T pumps are suitable for viscosities higher than 3 cSt in standard version.
If the viscosity is comprised between 2 and 3 cSt, the maximum recommended pressure will be :
     • 20 bars for  TA2/3/4 and T2/3/4 pumps,
     • 17 bars for  TA5 and T5 pumps.
For viscosities lower than 2 cSt, SUNTEC recommends the use  of  TAR pumps, improved to suit  these applications (consult SUNTEC).